Introducing PreDecay

Predecay is a revolutionary baby bottle designed to help prevent "Bottle Syndrome" or Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. (BBTD)

Cavities Helping prevent tooth decay

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay (BBTD) or "Bottle Syndrome" is a severe decay found in the teeth of infants and toddlers who fall asleep with a bottle of milk, juice or any sweetened liquid (even breast milk) in the mouth. If the Baby has tooth decay on their Deciduous Teeth, (Baby Teeth) it may affect their Permanent teeth as well.

How to have a happier healthier baby

Predecay auto-rinsing bottle relates generally to a nursing bottle, which automatically rinses your baby's teeth after the initial liquid (milk or juice) has been consumed. Using state-of-the-art bottle technology, the primary liquid (milk or juice) is automatically dispensed first, followed by a second liquid (water), thus rinsing your baby's teeth. Utilizing the Predecay auto rinsing bottle will help your child maintain their new teeth, promote good health and most importantly it will help them retain their sparkling smile.