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How to reduce the chances of
your infants' tooth decay. 
Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
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Introducing Predecay

Predecay is a revolutionary baby bottle designed to help prevent “Bottle Syndrome” or Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, which AUTOMATICALLY rinses your baby’s teeth with water at bedtime.

Dentist Recommended Mother Approved

What is baby bottle
tooth decay?

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay (BBTD) or "Bottle Syndrome" is a condition that can negatively impact your baby’s primary teeth. Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is prevalent amongst 23.8 % of infants in America. It can occur by feeding your infant or baby with milk, including breast milk, formula and fruit juices. Decay also known as cavities on primary teeth may affect your baby’s permanent dentition as well. 

Cavities can spread and attack adjacent teeth- leading to costly dental treatments and even anesthesia.Decay may cause a dark or brownish appearance on your baby’s teeth. This look may lead your child to become more self-conscious, take away their confidence and cause them to smile less. Additionally, drinking and eating may also be more challenging due to teeth sensitivity.